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August 25, 2019
Graphic Designing

It may not be known to you, but true that 3 major pillars of a web application are Graphics Design, Web Design & Development and Digital marketing. Designing, Developing and promoting websites in the most rewarding manner is now a true daring, these days. And with the harsh rivalry, it is flattering more than essential. Obtaining assistance from the best web design company across the globe is what you must be desperately looking for. And that calls for assistance from experienced and highly skilled professionals, from ‘TNK design desk’.

As a web design and development company, we have yielded a global reputation. Mainly, our service range includes Graphics design, Web Design & development, and digital marketing. Let’s discuss all services one-by-one.

Mind-blowing breathtaking Graphics Design

Our mind-blowing graphic design illustrates up in infographics, logos, business cards, brochure, catalogue, vehicle wraps and more. Our graphics design services are also found in the digital marketing platforms like Face book profile cover photo, Twitter backgrounds image, PowerPoint slides, Website’s User Interface (UI), HTML email templates and many more. For an eye-catching video making, Graphics design is the most crucial factor for diversified purposes such as 2D and 3D animation along with entry and exit slides, and lower thirds.

As a graphics design company, we can assure you of serving you high-quality gigantic graphic design services which bring your brand to life. With the development of numerous logos and banners, we have possessed a prolific branding portfolio.

We are looking forward to incorporating the preeminent of all graphic design services in the industry, which can’t be neglected. Whether you desire to create a new creative graphical interface or just wish to recreate your old ones, our graphic designers are the best suitable options for helping you out in your speculation.

We provide the following dependable Graphic design services:

Reasonable Pricing

When it comes to pricing factor, we can’t say our pricing is the lowest than other design companies, but it seems to be more reasonable because of our high-quality gorgeous graphics than any of the companies.

SEO-friendly Responsive Web Design & Development

Now these days, it’s found that most of the client need a traffic generating website for more leads and conversions in eCommerce development platforms like Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce and also prefer CMS applications like WordPress, and Drupal, etc.

Globally established web design Company

Often people look for such web design a Company which needs to be established globally. One website could cost a low price and one website cost more price, what’s the difference? The difference may be regarding the quality of the logo, layout, dynamic features, database integration, and automation technology incorporation like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT based.

So the cost of a website depends upon the budget, requirement and business type of a company. From a high-quality website of an IT company, a client may place inquiry directly expecting a high-quality website too. So, lead can be generated from different sources and reasons.

Mainly the IT companies generate more leads through better design of own website, SEO promotion, mass mailing and cold calling to clients. Also, many companies follow a call-to-action approach to spontaneously drive your visitors through your eye-catching brand and valuable products or satisfactory services.

That’s why the TNK Design Desk is known as the best website design Company for most of the thirsty online visitors. It’s only possible by seeing the attractive portfolio and some past work proofs. Now, these days video uploading on the website becomes a fashion which most of the website owners prefer.

We have experienced award-winning web design and development team which has many talented and skilled professionals to provide the best responsive website design services and blog design services.

Money yielding Digital Marketing & Promotions

Our digital marketing strategy is designed to steer numerous prospective customer to your website, convert these prospects into leads and those leads into sales. The business owners who are looking for an affordable digital marketing service have arrived at the right company. As a digital marketing company, we have both local and global promotional strategy to achieve the best performance level in search engines. Our Digital marketing strategies are divided into different categories like SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email marketing, content marketing, and many more services.

Digital marketing is self-explanatory itself because of the use of digital tools or web tools for promotional purpose. But, ethical digital marketing methodology is always accepted everywhere and we also follow the same track of digital marketing which is recommended by the major search engine. Let’s discuss more about digital marketing.

Our customized digital marketing strategy

We put together all ethical strategies into a custom digital marketing plan for our client that is based on the business targets of clients. Then we carry out the custom plan on a monthly basis.

Our custom Digital marketing plan breaks into three parts:

Frequently Reachable to More visitors

Through our digital marketing strategy, obtain more website traffic through email marketing, content marketing or blog promotion, SEO, PPC, and social media marketing. This part is a complete technical part of Digital marketing.

Generating unlimited leads

With more traffic on your website, you will get inquiries from potential customers which will make a positive possibility of business earnings. Throughout numerous blog posting and content submission in different popular websites, you can have enough leads. We perform this through tempting downloadable offers (like ebooks), A/B testing, lead fostering via email, and convincing videos.

Lots of conversion

Good leads always turn into a good conversion. We enable your sales team with some advanced tools and data to assist them to close more of the leads we provide. We undertake digital marketing responsibility by applying many tactics.

Do you expect multiple tasks from a single company? We do DDP i.e. Design, Develop and promotion of a money generating website. Any more queries? Feel free to reach us by mail, contact us form or phone. We are confident, once you’ll see our mock design, you won’t go anywhere


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