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September 12, 2019
Graphic Designing

Branding design services are meant for Logo design services which build a global exceptional characteristic of your business. When you are choosing a name for a new product, or new service or a new logo, you need to make a better one from your competitors. You need more than just popularity, image, form and font. TNK Design Desk is such an established logo design company

Coming to know the attributes is very much significant as your focused audience needs to be amazed and thrilled by seeing the logo and never forget even after a long time. This is what called the best and high-quality brand. The best logo emphasizes the value and qualities of your business throughout these crucial attributes. The most innovative idea of making a logo is to make venture what your business is all about in a fruitful approach that would connect with your target audience.

What do we offer in Branding services?

We offer the following brand design services for any kind of businesses or industries:

  • Choosing the name and logo of product, business, or service
  • Logo design
  • Notice and Banner design
  • Letterhead & Envelope Design
  • Making a brand identity practice guidelines
  • E-commerce product logo design
  • Brand messaging content design
  • Brand marketing and advertising strategy
  • Power-point presentation design
  • Customer persona design
  • Website design and development
  • Design of Email and landing page, HTML newsletter
  • Design of Brochure and stationery
  • Design of Packaging materials and product show

Global Brand

Unlike Amazon and Flip Cart, etc., we have designed a high-quality logo for our clients across the globe. Nevertheless, many national and international businesses are on the race to pay out millions of currencies to get some gorgeous and eye-catching logo and acquire global appreciation.

In today’s associated world, people are shelled by businesses, services, products, advertisements, and promotional dialogues in just about every media. In such a jumbled marketplace, how could you stand out and establish a positive ideal image of your business with the potential audience? Are you tired of seeking an experienced and innovative Logo design company? Here, TNK Design Desk appears to fulfill your all wishes with respect to all kinds of professional branding services.

The necessity for specialized branding services

Often many business owners put together the mistake of only considering their brand after their products or services initialization. When the awareness of the desire for a logo in conclusion dawns, many companies either obtain the services of agency logo designers or freelance brand designers or buy a readymade logo online. Most do not care about it seriously at the time of beginning. By the time certainty sets in, the damage will occur. You never get a second chance to win the impression of the client, and your logo is truly the very first point someone will see about your business.

More about Logo Design

Unlike an atom, a logo is the building block of the brand identity of any industry. With its implementation on different areas of your business like printed materials (visiting card, brochure, and letterhead, etc), your website, social media, presentation, and packaging, etc your brand gets complete visibility.

A great marvelous logo is the one that determines your brand exclusively from other businesses and allows your audiences to know what you perform. At TNK Design Desk, we realize that every business has exclusive necessities. So, we assist you to get an impressive and self-explanatory custom logo at a reasonable price.

PowerPoint Slides presentation design

Our designers are committed to providing an exciting design of each slide as per your need and reputation. Our design experts are expert in designing customer-centric output into professional slides.

Making your slides alive is their primary intention. They also run throughout a checklist for quality, stability and brand observance providing your powerpoint presentation a clean, well-decorated and refined look. But that's not all; we will send your presentation at the earliest possible. You’ll get different attractive elements like images, icons, infographics, and illustrations the content idea but you expect a fresh visual display and a creative impact, we work continuously until the slides fetch to your mind and ultimately, it draws the attention of your audience.

Logo Categories

We generally provide 7 types of logos according to styles. You can pick the one that matches your company name or overall best look, or unite them to make something unique.

  • pictorial mark
  • abstract logo
  • mascot logo
  • Wordmarks
  • Letter mark logo
  • Emblem
  • Combination mark

Pictorial mark

Pictorial marks based logo symbols are self-explanatory with the use of pictures or icons. These iconographic pictures are easily identifiable and correspond to your brand with a particular image. You can select something unsophisticated or more critical, but make sure to choose a symbol that makes a unique relation to your brand. For illustration, these are paired with a wordmark design.

Abstract logo marks

Abstract logo marks are basically geometric forms that don’t set up an instant association to an obtainable image but make something completely new for your brand design. For instance Circles, triangles, squares, and rectangles, etc. are combined to form a new professional logo for your business. Mostly, the corporate sectors and MNC’s prefer these types of logos.

Mascots logos

Mascots logos are incorporated to give a fun way personality to your brand and it often suitable if your business is relevant to entertainment, sports, music, and baby wears & toys. They are often entertaining and colorful, cartoonish categories that correspond to your business in a friendly manner and inspirable way.

Wordmarks logos

Wordmarks are the very uncomplicated approach of implementing your company name as a logo. To provide those qualities and appreciation value, they are all about font based or typography. For instance, Google, Bing and many more are Wordmarks logo.

Lettermarks (or monogram logos)

Lettermark logos are shorter than wordmarks logo and can be a great value to simplify your company logo, particularly if your company name is very long or tough to remember. For instance: HP, H&M, CNN, and ICICI, etc., some famous logos or brands.


Emblems design also comes with a combination of word and pictorial essentials. They generally consist of text incorporated in a symbol or icon, such as seals, badges, or crests.

Combination mark

A combination mark combines a selected symbol with a wordmark to construct an easily identifiable logo. The brand name can be set next to or before to the symbol or can be integrated into the graphic element.

We will be happy to fulfill your wishes as a best logo design company.


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