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Digital marketing refers to online advertising using digital tools to drive prospective buyers to website and converting into leads, then leads into sales. TNK Design Desk is the one of the top Digital Marketing & Promotions Company in Delhi, NCR. If you want us to do digital marketing for your site, services and products then our experts offers a plan on the basis of your business goals and projects. Our digital marketing & promotion plan has three phases.

In first phase we need to divert prospective customers by website traffic through blogs (content marketing), e-mail marketing, SEO, PPC or social media. In second phase we have to convert into leads through downloadable appealing content like e Books, graphics, and fascinating videos. In third phase we need to close more sales because otherwise it has no use. We empower our sales team with fresh data and tools to generate more leads.

To achieve the above plan our digital marketing SEO experts employ the following tools to promote your website:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
  • E- Mail marketing
  • Free Content/ downloadable content
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Marketing (blogs, articles)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing
  • Website Design A/B Testing
  • Info graphic Design
  • Call to Action Strategy
  • Landing Page Strategy
  • Link building/ Earning
  • Marketing Automation
  • Lead Nurture Strategy
  • Public Relation

Not only dedicated SEO expert but web developer, graphic designer, content strategist, multimedia and digital marketing professionals gets involved to help you achieve return on your investments. Now let’s talk about Digital strategy, it is the series of actions you take to achieve your marketing goals and Digital marketing campaigns are the building blocks or actions that you take within your Digital Strategy which moves you towards your defined actions.

In TNK Design Desk the Digital marketing campaign upon which our digital marketing company promotes your business so that you could achieve your targets are the series of actions as follows :

  • promotes your business so that you could achieve your targets are the series of actions as follows
  • Build your own buyers, ideal customers which can be created by research, survey and interview your business audience.
  • Identify your marketing goals and the digital channels and assets where goals can be business increment by 10% or more and the right digital tool which plays contributor to achieve.
  • Audit and plan your owned media campaigns refers to the digital assets your company owns like social media profiles, website, blog content, over which you have your complete control.
  • Audit and plan your earned media campaigns refers to the attention you gained due to word of mouth like customer experience, other people sharing their views on your products on social media, your goodwill, press attentions etc.
  • Audit and plan your paid media campaigns refers to the channels where you spend money including Google AdWords, paid social media posts and others.

Integrate all together refers to analyse owned, earned and paid media campaigns. If owned and earned media is helping you to generate profits then our team will suggest you no need to buy paid media.

Audit your existing content and audit your paid media campaigns like AdWords, facebook, twitter and others.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority although Digital Marketing and Promotions is a long and tedious process involving a number of experienced and skilled dedicated professional doing research and analysis 24x7 to endorse your business. A number of people have got benefitted from our top class digital marketing and promotion services.

Social Media Marketing

At TNK Design Desk a social media company, we propose Social Media Marketing, as it has great role in keeping a business at high pace. We optimize your business with media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin, Google+ and few other social media. whereas Content marketing strategy, Digital marketing strategy, Robust reporting and analysis, Sprout social, Hubspot monitoring etc. has also unlimited role in marketing.

Our Social Media marketing professionals help you to invite leads and creates business engagements. We help you to hitch the power of social media for marketing your products and services not on local but on global platform.

Search Engine Marketing

Our aim is to increase the website traffic manifold and improve the ranking of your website with the help of our Search Engine Optimization experts. TNK Design Desk offer wide range of Top Search Engine Optimization services for your website, where you can hire a dedicated SEO experts and search engine marketing experts.

Other services our SEO professionals offer are Keyword concentration, Website analysis, Efficient Content management of the website, Off-site optimisation, Social media and marketing, local search engine marketing etc.

Advantage of fixing Search Engine Optimization expert:

  • Surety of traffic moving to your site.
  • Professionally Up to date with latest skills to handle SEO.
  • Triggering of page rank on the search engines.
  • Affordable plans to save time and money.
  • Hard working consistent to work on client oriented structure.
  • Daily or weekly reporting.
  • Delivering result driven campaigns.

Only Search Engine Optimization expert knows how to sell a product or services by diverting traffic on your site. We would propose you to get our SEO services and surely find the significant difference between your earned profits. We serve every industry, b2b, b2c, e- commerce, education, hospitality etc. at an affordable cost.

PPC and Paid Campaign

PPC Pay Per Click, a model of internet in which advertiser pays some amount when someone click on their ads. The biggest benefit is the appearance of your company at the top of the search engine’s result page. You need a highly experienced PPC company who can make data driven decisions and consistently optimize your campaign to convert the customer visits into sales and generate ROI.

TNK Design Desk, top PPC Company in Delhi, NCR a media company offers its services to help you marketing your products by PPC ads managed by Google Ads and Bing Ads, conducting PPC paid campaign where your target audience spend the maximum time.

PPC advertising is highly controllable, cost effective way to boost up your business. Online marketing company- TNK Design Desk provides:

  • Paid search campaigns
  • Social media campaign
  • Google local services ads management
  • Bing ads management
  • Google Shopping ads (e-commerce) management
  • NextDoor advertising
  • YouTube advertising
  • Google ads management

PPC Campaign management offers
  • Development of campaign strategy
  • Monitoring keyword search queries and adjusting bids
  • Managing and tweaking bids for each campaign
  • Monitoring the average position, click through rate and cost per click
  • Key phrase insights

Paid search campaign offers
  • Coordinated paid search and SEO campaigns
  • PPC-ad-specific landing page optimizations
  • Display advertisement campaigns
  • Run campaigns with the Conversion Tracking
  • Optimize you campaign setting.
  • Retargeted ads and remarketing campaign

E-Mail Marketing

TNK Design Desk, an e-mail marketing service provider in Delhi, NCR, comprises a team of full expertise in creating HTML based commercial e mail messages with Catchy headlines and content with appealing graphics to a broad group of people. We offer smarter e-mail marketing service at throwaway price.

The E-mail Marketing approach to integrate your website and brand begins from assemble your contact list, clear out duplicate or inactive subscribers, craft beautifully designed and engaging content, choose the best subject line, build the strategy and do the e mail marketing automation. Our experts work over SendInBlue, GetResponse, MailChimp, ConvertKit, Drip, Constant Contact and few others to facilitate e mail marketing.

Advantage of e mail marketing is build relationship with existing customers and create new consumers, b2b lead generation, fast, effective, cheap. Our online digital marketing company TNK Design Desk welcomes you to avail our services and give us an opportunity to serve you.

Digital Campaign Design

Corresponding to ever changing, fast paced world, Digital market campaigns each and every day. Digital campaign is online market effort initialised by a company to fetch engagements, traffic, conversions, revenue- a never ending cyclic process to get return on business investments. At TNK Design Desk, a design company we offer digital campaign services according to the client requirements.

Our Digital campaign Design guarantees the complete advertising exposure for the products and services clients seek to pursue. Digital campaign message is meant for the masses. Our digital Campaign design services:

  • Design campaign leaflets
  • Campaign exhibition posters
  • Campaign related microsites
  • Campaign digital marketing
  • Campaign adverts
  • Branding campaigns
  • Integrated multimedia campaigns

Our digital campaign project are original, adequate, unique and within client’s budget. A number of clients have already took the advantage of our prestigious digital campaign services and accomplished remarkable business countrywide.

Affiliate Marketing

We TNK Design Desk a top Affiliate Marketing company in Delhi. Affiliate marketing is the process by which an affiliate earns a commission for marketing product of someone else. For promoting that product he earns some profit for each sale made through him.

If your company is planning to add an affiliate program to your existing website then our Affiliate Management Service team offers complete support.

Firstly creation of affiliate pages on your site, adding programs, fix the tracking code pixels, uploading banner and text links, recruit new affiliates, check & prohibit other affiliate from promoting keywords of your brand names, write contents for progams, weekly and monthly reports of affiliates are the series of actions made by affiliate Marketing team.

Affiliate marketing program enables you to earn money through these models:

  • Cost per Sale (CPA): When a visitor who is referred by some affiliate purchases goods and services from the merchant.
  • Cost per Lead (CPL): When a visitor who is referred by some affiliate fills some form on merchant’s website
  • Cost per Click (CPC): When a visitor who is referred by some affiliate clicks on merchant’s banner and visits its site.

TNK Design Desk welcomes you to join hands with us and build a long chain of affiliates, get your brand recognition, maximum attention from customers and earn big profits by our affiliate services.

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