Latest Web Design & Development Trends To Watch Out For In 2020

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November 09, 2019
Website Designing & Development

Trends have always dominated the industry. Be it any field, trends completely rule over the future prospects of that industry. It is the trend which makes the designing industry dynamic. Less than two months has been left for the new decade and 2019 year has been a great year for technology till now. Following the trends, it is easy to say that the coming years will expect the same growth in web and technology. From blockchains and chatbots to Artificial intelligence, we have witnessed a tremendous growth in the world of web and while each year trends shape the environments and in these technological changes, it is the trends in web design and development that have been the center of talk every year!

It is essential for organisations to update their website from time to time. Keeping the website updated as per the latest trends and changes is what helps them to enjoy the competitive edge over others. In this constant rush of change, if your company fails to cope up with the changing environments it might result in loss of heavy customer base for you. People will no longer feel connected to your website.

In the coming section of the blog, You’ll be reading about the trends that will dominate the 2020 year, but here’s one element which will continue to reign over the web industry irrespective of all the changes and trends and that is the focus on UI/UX part.

Importance of UI/UX have increased from past years and designers pay special attention to create user centric designs. Usability, simplicity & speed are the constant trends that will overpower the web industry in the long run.

To keep your business up to date, here are the trends in web design & development that will shape 2020.

      Adaptability: More than 90% of people prefer to search through their mobile phones rather than going for laptops and desktops. Your web page should look appealing on every screen across the devices. As designs are becoming more user centric, this trend will remain at the top for at least the next 5 years. User experience play an essential role in the web design thus makes the adaptability a necessary requirement for all the websites.
      Split screen Content: Looking for ways to convey more than one ideas simultaneously without disturbing the clean cluttered look? Here ‘s the solution for that. Split your content into two parts. This technique will help to communicate two different ideas at the same one, maintaining the equal focus of both the elements. You can make each half of your behave differently according to your purpose. Not only this technique brings a lot of tinch of moderness in your design but also offers a balanced, clean, organised and appealing look.
      Minimalism meet Bold Colors:With ever increasing competition on the web, companies are trying to create a distinguished position for themselves. They adopt a minimalistic approach with bold colors to enhance the focus of their product.
      Bright, bold and deep colors grab attention on a large scale. Where most of the websites choose to play safe while selecting neutral or soft colors, some brands decide to go against the grain and select bold colors to demonstrate their futuristic, forward-thinking approach. Minimalism helps to convey a lot in concise manner. Brands use this technique to provide comprehensive information in a compact way.
      Dynamic illustrations & GIFs: Video marketing was on its peak in recent years but it increases the web page loading time and thus, brands have to discontinue with their strategy of using videos on webpages. However dynamic illustrations and GIFs came to rescue and become safer alternative of video. Motion graphic adds a little spunky effect to the web page and engages customer for a longer period of time.
      Voice search optimization: With the emergence of smart virtual assistants like Google Now, Siri, Alexa and Cortana, Voice has become the primary choice of people over text. Voice offers a lot more convenience, it is comparatively easier to speak directly rather than taking time to enter details. Developers can take advantage of this and can offer their audience an engaging voice web model. It also add a personalized touch to the webpage. Also various statistics suggests that it’s only a matter of time before voice takes over as the primary control option for the masses.
      Loud & oversized typography: Oversized and loud typography helps brands to communicate spontaneously and clearly. Not only on typography this oversized trend goes well with almost everything such as full screen images, oversized buttons and menu icons etc. big and clear elements looks more appealing and attracts mass audience at once. They look fabulous on every screen size. This layout delivers a message more efficiently, making sure that the most important information not only captures the attention but stays in the mind of visitors. However while using this technique, you can reduce the design element to avoid the chaotic look.
      Asymmetric Layouts: Look at different websites, there’s one thing that you’ll find common in all of them and that is - Grid System. Most websites are obsessed with grids and consider alignment as an almighty. However there are brands that are moving out of these grids and opting for asymmetrical structures. Personal websites are exploring this trend in depth and now doubt broken grid structures are looking appealing and fabulous. Designers are going beyond their physical and virtual boundaries and challenging their own limits be exploring trends like this. It will be exciting to watch this trend powering the designing industry.
      Overlapping layers: Overlapping the different layers of elements within the webpage is a great idea to give depth to the 2d elements. The layered effect can be created by skillfully placing different layers of text, images or graphic element on top of each other to maximize the effect.
      While you pile up different elements on each other, the composition will still look balance if done properly. Designers can use whitespace or create negative space around the objects to give rich visual effect to the webpage. This look can also be created with different parallax scrolling effects.
      Plenty of whitespace: Whiitespace has always been an essential designing principle and in 2020 we’ll see the bigger and prominent effect of whitespace in the designs. Whitespace is basically a space intentionally left in the designs to give it a spacious and well balanced feel. Most commonly white space is white in color but it can be made up of any other color too!
      White space helps the brands to highlight their important design elements by creating a pleasant appearance.
      Whitespace provides harmony in the design and make things look bigger and better

So these are few trends that will dominate the 2020. Still confused about which one to select? The expert web designers at TNK Design Desk are here to help you to offer excellent web designing services in the town. Make your website look trendy with us. Get in touch with us today!


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