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The best web-graphic design company in Delhi TNK Design Desk, offers branding design and branding strategies. Brand strategy is the foundation for an advertising. Our branding design team will work with your official staff to develop, compelling messaging and cohesive brand architecture to make your brand reliable and identifiable across all channels.

To make corporate branding strategically successful you need to have following critical branding requirements:

  • Differentiation - In today’s fast moving, highly competitive market, brand need to have clear differentiation to stand apart from others in order to be noticed, make impression and ultimately preferred over other brands.
  • Coherence - brand should describe the clear meaning what the business say and what the business do actually.
  • Relevance - brand should fulfil the needs of intended audience, should not be against norms of society.
  • Esteem - should execute clearly, the promise and the delivery of the product to keep Esteem reputation of the brand.
  • Messaging - brand messaging should be compelling and fascinating.

Strong branding Architecture will accommodate the followings

  • Logo design
  • Logo & brand strategy
  • Corporate Style Guides
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Search engine Optimization through brand and web architecture
  • Develop buyer fronts
  • Analysis, Research, Maintenance

At TNK Design Desk, we have world class strategies, experience of more than a decade and portfolio of several brands. Our strategies will help your business appearance professionally competent and well organised. Launching brands, solving complex brand strategies and make you industry leaders is our passion.

Logo Design Services

TNK Design Desk knows that Best Logo Design is the prerequisite of any business whether it is large, medium or small organisation as it strongly gets connected to the customer’s memory. Mostly big brands are recognised by their eye catching logos. After understanding the nature of the business, end products and target customers at our logo design services, logo designers delivers the most suitable and creative logos.

At TNK Design Desk, a renowned Logo design company where logos designed by our super smart professional team are simple, versatile, scalable, and symmetrical or balanced so that it can attract maximum audience. We always regard customer suggestions to design their choice of dream logos at affordable cost.

Logo Re-Designing

Logo Design services includes Logo Re-design i.e. repairing any logo design using standard industry softwares to convert it into a sharp artwork for printing file. At TNK Design Desk our Logo Design/ Re-design team allows the logo image to be scaled or modified without the loss of image quality or resolution.

At our best logo design services Size of the image can also be changed without compromising the integrity of the original image. Customer will get the crisp, clear and readable image as the finished product from our professionally expert designers at a throwaway price.

Business Cards Design

Business card designs are the most essential feature of brand recognition. Our business card design team at TNK Graphic Design ensures you to deliver the most creative and innovative business cards. We design to convey the overall image of your business in a simple, legible and hierarchical manner. Our Graphic designers creates beautifully designed Business cards consisting of the logo of the company, contact details like phone numbers, e- mail & website address of the company, some graphics if required, nature of the business company runs.

Brand Guideline

Brand guidelines records information and rules, set of standards for using brand names, logos, typefaces and other design elements we have used for forms, newsletters, advertisements, brochures, catalogues, online communications, packaging and other branding articles.

The goal of brand guidelines is to ensure that we use the brand elements constantly & consistently. It communicates design standards to whole group to maintain the consistency and cohesion between all the processes of the business.

Our Brand guidelines service at TNK Design Desk helps you to maintain your brand guidelines rulebook which acts as a reference for the graphic designers, web developers, SEO experts and others working with your organisation. Few examples from Brand guidelines are:

  • Logo and its derivatives like tag lines.
  • Typefaces used to distinguish between different fonts used- why and where.
  • Web styles buttons and forms should be consistent across multiple web pages

The brand guidelines of your company is very much essential to keep your brand identity universal, unique and identifiable so spend some time and energy to maintain it.

Corporate Design

TNK Design desk, a graphic design company in Delhi, offers building up terrific, eye-catching beautiful Corporate Designs formed by our in-house experienced team for upcoming and existing companies both. Official graphical design of the logo, trademark and name of the brand, company, institution etc. which gets printed on the company’s stationary including letter heads, business cards and other office supplies is called corporate design. This design is uniform, consistent and stationary because this symbol represents the company’s identity to the external world.

Corporate design is a set of multisensory elements represent the company to your employees, investors, shareholders, partners, sponsors, financial institutions like banks and other associates dealing with your company. Corporate design is not only one LOGO of the brand but collection of few other articles like:

  • Tag Line or Punch Line
  • Logo and typeface
  • Visiting cards
  • Letter head
  • Signage
  • Brochure
  • Phone caller tunes, hold tunes
  • Stationary items like envelops, invoices, bills, account books etc.
  • Coasters, Mugs, Caps, T shirts etc.

Functions We at TNK Design Desk, best branding company understands the necessity to build a corporate design identity visual because

  • Corporate design visuals provides visibility and recognisability to all profit as well as non-profit organisations.
  • Corporate design visuals symbolises an organisations for external stakeholders and explore possible relationship between corporate visual identity and reputation.
  • Corporate visual identity offers the trust and confidence which transmits employee’s healthy relationship within the organisation and with the outside world.

All of these helps to generate business in terms of expansion & revenue in terms of money. TNK Design Desk a renowned corporate design company have satisfied a number of clients by providing them most suitable business oriented corporate designs across the world.

Branding Communication

Every business growth needs to implement a lot of hits and trials and ultimately you choose one which worked efficiently for your business. Communication needs a channel to broadcast and through inspiring advertising campaigns, annual reports, magazines, newsletters you can communicate with the outside world.

Our team at TNK Design Desk can abstract and produce marketing communications methods that reflects your brand image, credibility and sales. You should understand the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of your product to understand the target audience. Every business can perform better if their brand connects itself with the people on emotional level also. Because people feels that the brand is authentic and aims for some higher purpose and then they surely stands for it. You can appoint a brand ambassador for your product marketing and business growth. Because people are passionately attached with the celebrity, follow them blindly and finds an ideal figure in them.

Customer testimony has also great impact on the customers brand choice. It can authenticate the brand’s trustworthiness. Their observations, recommendations, remarks, grievances etc. should be taken care of immediately. If the existing customers are happy with the brand, only then we can attract new customers and realize our dreams. We are expert at branding communication. We at TNK Design Desk have a number of successful examples of offering brand communication ideas to our delighted customers.

Corporate Presentation

Another unique way to connect, communicate and build the brand Image of the company is through corporate presentation. The purpose of a corporate presentation is, first clearly stating your objectives, by listening your content let the audience understand your goals and at last how you will channelize your efforts to achieve your goals. You should be flexible and swift, ready to present data supporting your details while presenting certain facts. You need to create charts, shapes, diagrams, images or illustrations in your corporate presentation.

There are lots of good software on which our corporate presentation company TNK Design Desk offers you best corporate presentation services to promote your product, to track your success with result analysis and present your content effectively to engage more people. Our powerful corporate presentation strategy consists of creating animated presentation, creating vertical slides, using colourful fonts and background images, videos and uses of other multimedia effects certainly captures the attention of people.

Our intuitive presentation can be shared by different links, hyperlinks and can be published online. At TNK Design Desk, the best corporate presentation company in Delhi NCR, banks upon few of the best powerful software like Focusky, FlipSnack, Lucidpress, Pitch Deck, Slides, Animatron, Prezent 3D, and many more. Our finest, high quality work empowers you to impress people and achieve the best.

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